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Simple Press // Antique Pocket Watch - 'Touch Sensor' Lamp

Simple Press // Antique Pocket Watch - 'Touch Sensor' Lamp

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Simple Design, making use of smaller pieces of wood pressed together to form the base of the lamp.

Simply 'touch' any part of the Antique (Pocket Watch to turn on/off/dim the lamp (3 levels of brightness).

Handcrafted Wood Base with a simple Hatch Design, Porcelain Socket, Reproduction Cloth Covered Cord, Edison Style filament bulb.

Product Dimensions:  5.5"L x 4"W x 11"H  

Note:  This listing is with a  (Silver Tone) Pocket Watch // Additional listing is with a (Gold/Gilded Tone) watch piece.  Each Pocket Watch will have a similar look, but may vary slightly due to the fact that they are all antique pieces.  

Free Shipping!  (US Only)

*Bulbs typically will last 3-4 years and are easy to replace.  They are all standard size sockets, so most any bulb that is 'dimmable' will work with the lamp... (interchangable with different shapes, sizes, filament styles, even LED bulbs).   Amazon is a great source for replacement bulbs and we also have direct links to specific bulbs under the "Bulbs, etc" Tab on the website.    *For additional questions please visit the "FAQ" Tab or feel free to reach out!



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