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Did your dog get too excited about your lamp and it took a fall off your table?
…whatever the case might be, we can most likely repair it for you!


  • Physical damage to a lamp could result in a loose electrical connection,
    and/or possibly cause a short in the lamp (like a small electrical surge).
  • Since each lamp is wired a little differently, it is somewhat hard to pinpoint without taking a look at it.
  • If you’d like to arrange a repair, we will email you a FedEx shipping label / repair / and send it back.
  • A damage repair ( including to/from shipping ) is just a $40 flat rate to cover expenses.
*Please note that a “damage repair” primarily is meant to get your lamp working again. 
We will replace a broken socket if necessary and try to minimize any scratches/dents.
Heavy physical damage to the base of the lamp most likely is not repairable.
**Additionally, you will be responsible for packaging/boxing the damaged lamp:
Bubble wrap or a similar material will be needed to protect the lamp inside of the shipping box.
The package can be either dropped off at any Fedex location, or a pick up can be scheduled.
This rate is available to US Residents only.


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