Bulbs, Etc..

Light bulb replacements, etc…

  • Typically bulbs should last 3+ years with normal usage.
  • All the sockets are standard size sockets, and are interchangeable with most any bulb that is ‘dimmable’.
  • Amazon and 1000bulbs.com are great sources!
  • Please feel free to contact us is you have a question about a specific item.

***SPECIFIC LINKS (copy and paste):

GLASS DOME REPLACEMENT *(Edison-Style Lamps) :

SINGLE FILAMENT BULB *(Edison-Style Lamps):

SMALLER GLOBE FILAMENT BULB *(Simple Press / Concrete Lamps/ LG Rec Cast Iron):   

LARGE GLOBE FILAMENT BULB *(Mr. Owl, Mr. Elephant, Lone Owl, Vintage Airplane):

STANDARD SHAPE FILAMENT BULB  *(SM Cast Iron Lamps / Hanging pendant lights):